Beach Bag Essentials: What To Pack In Your Beach Bag

It’s prime beach season – the sun is out, the sand is hot, and you’re craving some down time at the beach, listening to the ocean waves crash along the shoreline, a cooler, a good book and a little R&R. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of our top essentials for your beach bag (errr – you may need more than one bag after this run-down) so that your beach-time is carefree and enjoyable for all.


The Usual Suspects

Sunscreen – we know, you say you won’t forget it. But how many times have you had to borrow your friend’s spray when you got outside and realized it was sitting at home on your kitchen counter? Yep, we thought so.


Hat – beach hat, sun hat, visor, baseball cap, fedora, beret, sombrero – whatever floats your boat, protects your scalp and keeps you cool, we’re in.


Sunglasses – what are UVA and UVB rays anyway? We know that sunglasses help protect your eyes, so they’re always a useful addition.


A classic – The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter – these are great reads for summer beach vacations and extended periods of uninterrupted time. If you’re down for a lighter beach read, try a romance novel by authors like Nicholas Sparks.


A cooler & accessories – A cooler with wheels and a handle is best, or a lightweight, small cooler with a strap that you can throw over your shoulder. Stock it full of ice, waters, snacks, etc! Be sure to throw in the necessary “accessories” like a bottle opener, koozies, and insulated cups (to keep those “sodas” extra cool).


Towels – in case you’d prefer not to drive, walk or bike home soaking wet, and keep your children dry.


Food – snacks, snacks and more snacks. Need we say more?


Games + Toys – beach balls, frisbees, bocce, sand buckets, shovels – you name it, the kids are going to want to play it. A day at the beach may go by verrrrry slowly without a few games to keep everyone occupied.


The Unusual Suspects

Baby Powder – nope, it’s not just for baby’s butt! The “baby powder sand trick” has been helping families summer after summer for generations.  Simply put a sprinkle of baby powder on sandy hands and feet, and watch it work its magic (look Ma! No sand)!


Battery operated hand-held fan mister – if temps are in the triple digits, this may be a “must-have” on scorching hot days and ahhhh – it feels so good.


A change of clothes (for each family member) – just in case you decide to go to the beach adorned with suit and coverup, only to forget that when you leave the beach, there’s a high likelihood you will be wet + sandy.


Plastic bags – these have various uses, with some of the most popular being to keep electronics safe (you can always splurge on a water proof phone pouch, but in most cases, it’s not necessary). Plastic bags can also be used for soiled diapers, empty cans, empty food containers, pet droppings, dropped food, wet clothes and, well, pretty much anything.


Battery extender – we know you’re busy taking photos with the little ones, surfing waves or taking selfies with friends, so a battery extender might help preserve that phone usage for a little while longer and capture those memories you’re making, as well as let folks know when you’re headed in for the day.


Umbrella or tent –while not exactly small enough to fit into your beach bag, if you plan on being at the beach for an extended period, these may come in handy. While keeping you cool and shaded, they may help create a good reprieve for snack-time and nap-time as well, if beachin’ it with the little ones.


Bluetooth speaker – if you’re down for casting some Jimmy Buffet from your phone and entertaining friends and family, this helps set the right vibes for your beach day.


Well, there you have it! Our must-pack beach bag essentials. What’s on your beach bag list? Now, if  you are looking for that perfect spot to park your beach bag this summer, we welcome you to your home away from home. Sasser Vacation Rentals!